Week 13: Who to Root For

If the season ended today the Titans would be in a three way tie for seventh, 1 game behind the Bengals.

The Bengals have a hard schedule with 2-3 losses ahead of them. The Titans have 4 winnable games and the Saints on their schedule. The Broncos have the Patriots on their sched and have the tie break on the jets and not on us. The Jets have an easy schedule but they have Sanchez.

As for the division race, we need Houston to lose 2 more game then us before week 17 or lose to the Colts. If we`re tied at the end of the season, it goes to division record and that flop against Jacksonville will come back to haunt us, unless the Colts step up. If that's the case we should have the same common opponent record, and I think we should win on conference record (depending how it plays out).

News out of Philly, Vince Young tried to throw his shoulder pads into the stands but they were intercepted.


Oak @ Mia(-2.5) If the Raiders can collapse it would take a wildcard team out of the West.

Ten @ Buf(-3) This is obvious but beating Buffalo gives us a some swagger with the Saints coming to town. I hope this isn't a trap game.

KC @ Chi(-7) Chicago traded a draft picks and Orton to Denver, Denver used those picks to get Von Miller. The Broncos traded cutler because his feelings got hurt because the Broncos wanted Matt Cassel. Cassel gets hurt by Miller and Orton ends up in KC. Bears win hurts the Broncs tie breaker (in a three way tie)

NYJ @ Was(+3) As we`re currently tied with the Jets they need to lose more games. They have a pretty easy schedule with the Giants as the only team thinking about the playoffs in front of them.

Cin @ Pit(-7) A Cincy loss drops them back with us and they still have the Texans and Ravens. I thinks they fall short of the playoffs.

Atl @ Hou(even) We obviously need Houston to collapse to win the division, the football gods are trying their hardest.

Den @ Min (-1) Tebow is unstoppable, or is he? All of Tebows wins have come outdoors, God can`t help what he can`t see. A Denver loss puts them a game back.

Car @ TB(-3) NFC division games do not effect us

Ind @ NE(-21) Wow look at the spread. Looks like Indy will need some Luck.

Bal @ Cle(+7) A Ravens loss drops them back and makes sure they are still playing for something when they face the Bengals in week 17

Dal @ Ari(+4.5) Minimal effect

GB @ NYG(+7) Minimal effect

Stl @ SF(-14) No effect

Det @ NO(-9) The over/under on this game is 54. With Suh out it seems like a sure thing

SD @ Jac(+3) These two teams will likely share a stadium in LA. The Jags are officially out of the division race and any wins they get now could help us in tie breakers. Another Charger loss ends any wildcard hopes.

A few housekeeping matters:
1. I`d like to take credit for calling JDR getting fired in last weeks post.
2. I was going through the MCM archives and discovered Hartley was doing these posts two seasons ago. I`m sorry I didn`t realize, I didn`t mean to step on any toes when I started doing these. Send me an email or hit the comments if you`re interested and I will step aside.