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Eagles @ Seahawks Thursday Night Football Open Thread

VUNCE TIME BABY! Vince Young will make another start tonight in the Thursday night football game against the Seahawks. Seattle is a 3 point underdog tonight in Seattle. Not only do I think Seattle covers that, but I think they are going to win this game.

Let me tell you why- The Eagles are a disaster. They spent all of this money in the offseason to compile what Vince called a dream team, and they have been nothing short of horrific. Their coaches are fighting with each other. They are having all kinds of problems out of guys like DeSean Jackson.

Add all of that to the fact that they had to fly across the country on a short week after getting embarrassed at home by the Patriots, and you have the recipe for a mail in job. Marshawn Lynch will have a field day against the Eagles run defense that has been terrible because it is being coached by an offensive line coach.

Discuss the game below.