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Fantasy Football Week 10: Waiver Wire

Here's a sneak peak at who's on this weeks waiver wire list....
Here's a sneak peak at who's on this weeks waiver wire list....

The weeks just begun and I'm already worn out and beat up so forgive the lack of super waiver wire pick ups here. There aren't a ton on the list this week but there are a few worth taking a look at so don't miss out on this weeks Waiver Wire edition of my fantasy football articles!

Matt Moore - QB Dolphins

He had quite the showing Sunday. Don't expect that too often. If you're super desperate at QB he's worth a look at in deeper leagues. He's currently owned in 1.6% of all ESPN leagues.


Torrey Smith - WR Ravens

He's been getting a pretty consistent amount of receptions of late and he has a great matchup this week against the Seahawks. Surprisingly enough, he's only owned in 24.4% of all ESPN leagues. Snag him if you need help at receiver.


Carson Palmer - QB Raiders

He's still getting used to the offense and being back in the game so I wouldn't recommend starting him yet but he is a nice one to add to the team. He is currently owned in 24.4% of all ESPN leagues.


Reggie Bush - RB Dolphins

This jerk off made me look bad this last week. He still didn't reach 100 yards but he was only 8 yards shy and with just a touch or two more would have had it. He seems to be out to disprove his haters, finally. He's owned in 88.1% of all ESPN leagues so if you're one of those lucky 11.9% grab him.


Jake Ballard - TE Giants

Consistent, consistent, consistent. Do you like some easy points you can count on every week? This is your guy. The least amount of yards this guy has gotten this year has been 33 yards and he still got a touchdown that week. This guy is surprisingly only owned in 27.3% of all ESPN leagues. If you need a TE, GET THIS GUY. He is a starter. Period.


Jerome Simpson - WR Bengals

He hasn't had any crazy huge games but he seems to be gaining steam as Andy Dalton gets more comfortable with the QB position. If you're hurting at the WR position and feeling like rolling the dice, he's worth a look. He is currently owned in 31.7% of all ESPN leagues.


Well that seems to be about all I can muster up right now guys. Feel free to discuss more good options.


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