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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Tennessee Titans Roundup


After the jump is a roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 10. It will be updated as more rankings are posted.

This Week Last Week Commentary
They're missing WR Kenny Britt horribly, but he wouldn't be helping an anemic pass rush. (Kuharsky) 20

On this week, you'll find midseason awards, as well as a readdressing of division winners and wild-card entrants. It's hard to place Tennessee right now, but it's not difficult to do the same for Chris Johnson. He's simply been the most disappointing player. Even Kevin Kolb can't touch him. Now, CJ2K did show signs of life vs. a top-five defense in the Bengals. But if he doesn't get going, as in really get going, the Titans don't make it to mid-January.

National Football Post 21
Chris Johnson finally started to show up on Sunday, but the Titans couldn’t hang with the Bengals in the 4th quarter.
Sporting News 19
Hot hand: RB Chris Johnson: Maybe the threat of a timeshare with Javon Ringer was what Johnson needed to get going, and he can truly bust out against the Panthers' porous run defense this week.
CBS Sports 21
They are so limited in their passing game, and it shows. If they could do more, maybe Chris Johnson could get it going.
SB Nation 21
The Texans are starting to pull away from the Titans in the AFC South. Still, that was a heck of a game against Cincy last week.
Fox Sports 19
If the Titans can just get the running game cranked up, things could really fall into place. Their remaining schedule should allow them to stay close in the divisional race, but if the Texans start pulling away, they aren't going to have enough wins to get a wild card.
ProFootballWeekly 19
Defensive collapse cost them a chance to keep pace with Houston.
ProFootballTalk 23

It’s a sad day when 64 yards rushing from Chris Johnson is regarded as an improvement. (Florio