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Mike Munchak on the Titans Passing Game Being Out of Sync

It still boggles my mind that this group of receivers can't get on the same page with Matt Hasselbeck. The excuse of the lockout no longer works. Mike Munchak was asked about it at his press conference today. Here was his response:

In most games that you watch that’s going to happen at times, there are going to be a couple. There was one with a pass-check tied to it, or a two-step throw to it and they just didn’t make the eye contact correctly. They thought one was going to break off the route and one was going to take off and go down the field so there was a little miscommunication on that there in the third quarter. There is nothing drastic and sometimes for the quarterback, unfortunately the timing is thrown off pressure or pressure that he feels coming and all of the sudden he has to move and all of the sudden the timing is off. To someone watching the play it looks like they are on the wrong page but it was more about something happening up front or maybe the receiver got knocked off his route and Matt (Hasselbeck) made a decision. There are a lot of factors that go into that. Yes, we do have a young group, yes we are getting better. Yes, you are going to have some communication issues, but it’s not some glaring problem that’s going to cost us the game by any means.

While it is not the only thing costing the Titans game, it sure isn't helping them win any, and I would also say that it does happen to the Titans more than most teams.

Is it really too much to ask for a group of receivers who can learn the offense and catch the ball?