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Bengals 24 Titans 17: Grading the Defense

This defense looks pretty much the same as it did last year. Jerry Gray is a better coordinator than Chuck Cecil, but the results look pretty much the same. The front gets pushed around, can't get pressure and no one guards the middle of the field.

They were OK against the run today. The longest run they gave up was 16 yards to Cedric Benson, and the Bengals finished the day with 109 yards on 30 carries. That is just a maah performance.

Grade: C

The pass defense has Cortland Finnegan who makes plays, but that is all. They did not have an answer for A.J. Green all day, and the middle of the field was the wide open gaping hole it has been for the last two years. Andy Dalton is a good player, but he is a rookie. The Titans should be able to keep him from throwing three touchdown passes the first time he ever faces them.

Grade: D