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LSU vs. Alabama Game of the Century Open Thread

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I am sure many of you will be watching tonight as #1 LSU travels to Tuscaloosa to take on #2 Alabama. This should be a great football game between two teams that are clearly the best in the country and pretty evenly matched. The winner of this game will be your BCS National Champion.

Don't expect this game to be a good game like Stanford vs. USC. This is the SEC where we win National Championships and play good defense. The rest of the country will catch on eventually.

Trevor and I have a bet in this one that involves pictures and signatures here at MCM. Bama wins this game if A.J. McCarron plays well. He is the wild card in all of this, and that is scary because he hasn't played on a stage anywhere close to this one. He also has not faced a defense anywhere near as good as the one he will see tonight.

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