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Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans: Keys to Victory

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1. Pressure the line of scrimmage. The defense did a much better job last week,, granted it was against the Colts. This young defensive line must continue to pressure the line of scrimmage against the Bengals pass protection, which is much better than the Colts patchwork offensive line. Andy Dalton is going to be playing in only his eighth professional football game, and rookie quarterbacks tend to make lots of mistakes. It would be beneficial to pressure Dalton to make him nervous and make bad decisions. If Dalton doesn't have enough time to throw, he will be forced to hand the ball off to Cedric Benson, who may be rusty after a bye week and a one week suspension.

2. Get to the Red Zone. The Titans are the best team in the league once in the red zone, scoring touchdowns on over 70 percent of red-zone drives. The Titans only have 2.4 red-zone scoring attempts in the league, however, the fourth least in the NFL. Considering their remarkable success once they get past the opponent's 20 yard line, they really need to put themselves in better positions to score. That means they need to stay on offense. The Titans are third worst in the league in terms of both time of possession and first downs, having the ball for just 27:20 per game, and gaining just 16 first downs per game.

3. Cover A.J. Green. The Bengals' main offensive threat is A.J. Green. With tight end Jermaine Gresham hampered with a hamstring injury, stopping Green could mean stopping the entire offense. Most likely, Alterraun Verner will help Cortland Finnegan to cover Green, whose five touchdowns are tied for ninth-best in the NFL. Usually, Green beats his defenders with speed, and kills teams by being a deep threat. Hopefully Finnegan can get in Green's head a little bit to rattle the rookie receiver as well.