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PFF: The Titans Should Be Able to Shut Down the Bengals Passing Attack

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Here is part of the Pro Football Focus three to focus on for Sunday's game between the Bengals and Titans:

There is really only one receiver on the Bengals’ roster that should scare you, and that’s rookie A.J. Green (+1.8 receiving). Over the past five games, he’s had either four or five catches, and he’s had a touchdown in each of the past three games. However, teams know that Andy Dalton is feeding him the ball, so he’s only caught 58% of balls thrown his way as a result.

The Tennessee cornerbacks are ready to stop him, as their top three are Courtland Finnegan (+2.8 coverage), Jason McCourty (+2.0 coverage) and Alterraun Verner (+5.6 coverage). It’s hard to find any trio who is playing as well as these three men. Problems might arise as both Michael Griffin and Chris Hope are both injured which could lead to Anthony Smith who has just had 36 snaps this season in action at safety. This might not be as big of a problem as you might think, as Andy Dalton (+9.8) has an accuracy percentage of 43.5 when throwing deep passes, and has thrown four interceptions on deep throws which is the most for any current starter. Despite the injuries, the Titans should be able to shut down the Bengals passing attack.

That all sounds good in theory. The problem is the middle of the field has been wide open all year long. It doesn't really matter how well the corners are playing when the opposing quarterback never has to throw at them.