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Week 9: Predictions From The Contributors and SoCalTitan

This has nothing to do with the Bengals. But yeah.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
This has nothing to do with the Bengals. But yeah. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Rothbard > StPrattrick

Our guest this week predicts all the way from sunny Cali:


At the beginning of the season we all had this down as an easy W for the Titans with the Bengals starting the season with rookies Andy Dalton and AJ Green. They’ve shown to be playmakers for the Bengals offense and it is imperative that we shut them down. A key stat for the Bengals is that their defense ranks #4 but I find it very deceiving considering the offenses they’ve faced in the first 8 weeks. I don’t see much improvement in the run game since we still have the same guards and center so the key for the Titans is to not turn the ball over and keep the ball moving on offense.

Titans 17 - Bengals 10


My bet is this game is sloppy on offense for both sides, and a defensive/special teams touchdown probably decides the winner. My bold prediction: one of our TDs comes from a Mariani run back. I think we'll come out on top mostly because we're at home. If this game was on the road, I might count it as a loss... probably not though. I just can't pick against my guys when they have a chance.

Titans 17 - Bengals 13


The Titans won last week. That proved nothing.

The Bengals are 5-2, but they have not played anyone. They really aren't that good- neither are the Titans.

Titans 10 - Bengals 10

The Horn

This looks to be a fairly even match up on paper. I think both teams will struggle to run the ball, narrowing this game down to a matchup of the quarterbacks. While Andy Dalton looks good for a young QB, he is still a rookie, and he'll be on the road against a tough Titans secondary. I'd expect this to be a low scoring affair. Titans get the edge because they're at home.

Titans 13 - Bengals 10

g rams

Another week, another game that I have no idea how to predict. All this team identity stuff is throwing me off. I do think #8 is the best quarterback the Bengals have faced and their weakness seems to be downfield passing. (Paging Jared Cook). Not sure Andy Dalton really scares me, but neither does Kyle Orton or Curtis Painter. However, I am horrified of AJ Green (better than Julio Jones). Yeah, I'm going off the rails on this one

Bengals 20 - Titans 17