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Tennessee Titans Week 13 Snap Report

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Mike Clay has his snap data up from the Titans win over the Buccaneers:

Damian Williams’ 61 snaps were enough to lead the Titans’ offense in Week 12. Nate Washington was in on 60 plays. Lavelle Hawkins added 34 and Marc Mariani managed 10. Craig Stevens’ 43 snaps paced the tight ends. Jared Cook was in on 37 plays, 28 of which were pass routes. Daniel Graham racked up 19 snaps. Chris Johnson carried the ball on 23 of his 39 snaps. Javon Ringer ran a pass route on 16 of his 33 snaps.

There really are not many surprises here at this point. It seems like the Donnie Avery experiment is going to be short lived considering he has not been active the last two weeks.

It also looks like it is time to give on Marc Mariani ever making much of a contribution as a receiver. If he were ever going to make a push it would have been this season.