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Football Outsiders Deems Matt Hasselbeck The Worst QB Of Week 12

The guys at FO have released their Quick Reads column for week 12, and there were a few Titans-related surprises. As I'm guessing you noticed in the headline, Matt Hasselbeck's performance graded out as the 34th worst of the week. I know he was really bad, and the passing attack in general has been in a slump, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. Here were their notes:

Hasselbeck's first quarter: two-of-six passing for 12 yards with no first downs and one interception. Things got better after that, but not much. He finished with 4.1 yards per pass play and 10 first downs, and six plays that lost yardage, turned the ball over, or both.

Ouch... and they didn't even mention that one of those INTs went back for 6 points. I guess it was that bad, but it's just jarring to see Hass below such luminaries as John Skelton, Blaine Gabbert (who got benched) and Caleb Haine.

I was also surprised by one name that wasn't mentioned in the column...

Chris Johnson. Despite gaining 190 yards with steady, efficient gains, Johnson didn't make their short list of the 5 most effective running backs from last week. I get that a lot of things go into their formula, and there are some things we have to take with a grain of salt (terrible Bucs defense, CJ didn't score a touchdown), but CJ had the kind of game that you'd think would rank in the top 5 every week.