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Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Jack Del Rio

The news has broken this morning that the Jacksonville Jaguars have fired Jack Del Rio. This is a sad day for Titans' fans because Del Rio is a bad coach who was constantly making terrible decisions. You need look no further than his decision to let David Garrard go so late in the game this season for evidence. Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker will be the interim coach.

It will be interesting to see what Tucker does with Blaine Gabbert. They ran him out there too early and benched him last week for Luke McCown. The smart thing to do would probably be just let Gabbert have these last five games for the experience.

Part of his problem is that he doesn't have any weapons around him. I am not sure that Gabbert will ever be a franchise quarterback, but there are few guys who could make it work with the receivers that he has right now.