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Giants @ Saints Monday Night Football Open Thread

This should be a really fun game to watch. Both of these teams have offenses that can put up points in bunches. I like the Saints in this one because they are playing at home, but it will come down to the wire.

This is a good chance for us to scout the Saints who the Titans will face in two weeks. We already know what they are about. Drew Brees is going to take what you give him on offense, and if you let a guy get over the top it is over. Gregg Williams is going to bring pressure from everywhere on defense.

Discuss the game and any fantasy scenarios that you have below. I have lost two of my four match-ups this weekend. I have one already wrapped up. The other one is the Official MCM League where I am trailing my dad by 8 points coming into the night. He has Darren Sproles. I have Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard. It will be a close one.