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Titans 23 Buccaneers 17 Quick Recap

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So that was ugly for a lot of the game, but it sure was good to see Chris Johnson run like that. Those runs looked different to me than the ones against the Panthers. He was making people miss today. CJ ended the game with 190 yards rushing on 23 carries, and that number isn't skewed by an 80 yard run. His long on the day was 34.

The game was a turnover fest there for a while with Javon Ringer putting a ball on the ground, CJ fumbling and Matt Hasselbeck throwing a pick, but the Hasselbeck rallied the troops when it mattered. The drive that won it was a thing of beauty from Hasselbeck and CJ. It went 80 yards in 10 plays. The touchdown was a nice play by Hasselbeck to extend the drive and find Damian Williams in the back of the end zone.

The defense had some hiccups, but unlike last week, they were able to get the stop they desperately needed at the end of the game. Colin McCarthy had a pick that set up a field goal to extend the lead. The defense came up with a huge stop on a 4th and 1 where the Buccaneers tried to quick sneak and Josh Freeman dropped the ball.

It doesn't matter how you win them, as long as you win them. The Titans got the win they desperately needed today to keep pace with the Texans who also won, but lost Matt Leinart to a shoulder injury. 

[UPDATE]- It sounds like Leinart has a broken collarbone and is done for the year.

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