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Buccaneers vs. Titans: When Tennessee Has the Ball

The Bucs have been bad on defense this season. They are 31st in total defense, 29th in pass defense, 27th in rush defense and 29th in points allowed. They have played a tough schedule, but the Titans should be able to move the ball in this one.

Most of those numbers were put up before they added Albert Haynesworth, but the Texans still had their way with them rushing the football with Fat Albert on the field. I would love to see a 50/50 split in carries between Chris Johnson and Javon Ringer today. There is no reason the run game shouldn't work against Tampa. They better have a quick hook with Johnson if he isn't getting it done.

Matt Hasselbeck appears to be fully ready to go. It was good to see Jake Locker get out there and play well last week, but Hasselbeck should still be the guy when healthy. I really hope that Donnie Avery has finally learned the playbook enough to get out there so we can stop watching Lavelle Hawkins run the wrong route five times a game.

This is a game the Titans really need to win to keep pace in the division and wild card. It is also a game they should win if they play well, but it is by no means an easy one. It will probably come down to who makes plays in the 4th quarter. I have a good feeling the Titans will find a way to get a win.