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Buccaneers vs. Titans: Scout's Inc. Take

Matt Williamson of Scout's Inc. has a good piece breaking down the game tomorrow between the Bucs and Titans (In$ider). This paragraph made me laugh because it was written about Tampa Bay and not the Titans:

Utilize play-action: Play-action can be effective even without a great rushing attack. Hasselbeck, in particular, is very good at selling it. The Bucs back seven can be far too reactive to play-action, misdirection and presnap movement. Tampa's linebackers in particular lack discipline.

That sounds pretty familiar.

Williamson breaks the match-up out to each position. He only gave the Bucs the advantage at QB, WR and special teams. I don't really understand giving them the edge at QB. Josh Freeman was really good last year, but he has been terrible this year. Matt Hasselbeck is playing a lot better than Freeman is. Freeman has 11 TDs and 15 INTs on the season. Hasselback has 14 and 8.  I guess it does makes sense though because Williamson is extremely anti-Hasselbeck for some reason.

I also don't understand giving them the edge on special teams. Maybe their punter is better, but I am 100% sure our return man and kicker are better.

Now you could also make the argument that they should have the advantage at both spots on the defensive line. Our defensive ends have been terrible, and Adrian Clayborn has been a stud for the Bucs early on.

I don't know much about their defensive tackles, but a shell of Fat Albert is better than everyone in our rotation not named Casey or Klug.

Williamson picked the Bucs to win 21-17.