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Fantasy Football Week 12: Hope the Turkey Doesn't Weigh 'em Down

<strong>Vicks Sleeper of the Week:</strong> Just try not to look at his face... John Skelton bested the Rams last time he faced them. Why not again?
Vicks Sleeper of the Week: Just try not to look at his face... John Skelton bested the Rams last time he faced them. Why not again?

Sorry there wasn't a waiver wire edition this week guys. My life is a royal mess with final projects and such but on to fantasy football. I've got a bunch of people on the list this week that I'm expecting to take a lot of flak for so go ahead and bring it... Here's another week of fantasy football advice!

QB Starters


Matt Ryan

He's got the Vikings defense and he gets his big weapon Julio Jones back this week. Yummy. Start him.


John Skelton

He beat them last time and played fairly well. Why not a second time? Start him.


Matt Hasselbeck

I know. I'm a pig. They Titans are just hot and cold and this week they face a team that I think they've got a chance to be hot against so I'm doing it. Start him (I am). =P


Carson Palmer

I'm a believer. That and with the Bears having Caleb Hanie playing I just see the Raiders having the ball a lot. Start him.



QB Benchers


Michael Vick

He's expect to miss another week. Maybe Young will only throw 2 picks this week. Bench him.


Andy Dalton

He suffered a shoulder injury last week and is going against the Browns defense which has allowed a league low of 166.5 passing yards per game. Bench him.


Tyler Palko

Even if you wanted to root for him... It's the Steelers. Bench him/pick up Orton.



RB Starters


Marshawn Lynch 

He has apparently found his groove so I'm starting him every week. Redskins haven't been playing at a good level since they lost Moss. Lynch should do you just fine. Start him.


Chris Johnson

I loathe having to do anything with this man. Every other week he ensures my fantasy failure. The Bucs have been extremely bad against the run lately, like Panthers type bad, which is why I'm gonna go ahead and say it... Start him.


Willis McGahee

I'm not one hundred percent on board with this start. He started out very hot but has been off and on since his injury and Tebow taking over for the Broncos. That being said, Start him.


Rashard Mendenhall

Fluffy Chiefs defense. That says it all. Start him.



RB Benchers


Shonn Greene

Coming in off that rib injury I'm not excited about him. McKnight did a fair job of covering for him after he went out with his injury last week and I think there will be a healthy amount of carries split between the two of them. I don't think he'll make it worth the start. Bench him.


C.J. Spiller

There is a reason this former first rounder hasn't been the number one back for the Bills and it's not just because Fred Jackson was awesome. He'll certainly see more carries now but I'm hesitant to start him, especially against the Jets. Bench him.


Adrian Peterson

It looks like he might miss this week as well with an injury. Even if he does start, he's facing one of the toughest run defenses in the league. Make sure to Bench him.



WR Starters


Damian Williams

He got targeted 11 times last week. He certainly didn't have a good game but I expect things to turn around this next week. The Bucs defense have pretty sloppy tacklers and Williams is pretty much the number one red-zone target. I'm starting him. Start him


Brandon Lloyd

He has been a bright spot in an ugly offense. The Cardinals have been about as bad as the Rams. I see no reason why not... Start him.


A.J. Green

In him we trust. He's back from injury and has been a good start basically every week. He will have a tough matchup against Joe Haden... So keep that in mind. Start him.


Denarius Moore

He's the only receiver that's healthy out there for Palmer to throw it to. Start him.



WR Benchers


Dwayne Bowe

It's just not a good matchup. A struggling Chiefs offense against the Steelers defense just isn't a good combination. Bench him.


Andre Johnson

I'm personally benching him. He should be healthy and playing but I think for at least Leinart's first start they're just gonna run the ball. Johnson should see a few passes go his way but I'm not expecting him to have a huge game by any mean. Bench him.


Julio Jones

He's still coming off that hamstring injury and I think they're gonna want to try and get him healthy for the playoffs so he'll probably have a considerably light load Sunday, especially considering that they are playing the Vikings. Bench him (I am).


Sidney Rice

He's hobbled and will probably be matched up against Hall who will be looking to redeem himself for a poor performance this last week. There just isn't much to like. Bench him.



TE Starters


Greg Olsen

ESPN doesn't like him much this week. I love him. I say it's TD time. Start him.


Jared Cook

I'm drinking the Kool-aid this week. Call me crazy. Whatever. Start him.


Heath Miller

He's hungry, he's facing a weak defense, and he's a good TE. Start him.



TE Benchers


Benjamin Watson

Bengals are still a solid defense and the Browns aren't exactly lighting things on fire, especially Watson. Bench him.


Kellen Winslow

It's okay. Hit me in the face. I know you want to... Ruud isn't going to be starting and that is HUGE. Gonzalez caught about 3 of his 5 passes last week while Ruud was in and scored his touchdown. Hopefully McCarthy is healthy and in. That makes me doubt Winslow... Especially with Freeman doing his best Favre impression.... Bench him (dodges thrown tomato).


Owen Daniels

It's just messed up having to rely on him with Leinart back there. I actually don't hate the matchup. The Jaguars have lost half the players that made their defense good to the IR, I just don't think the Texans air it out much Sunday. Pounding it away with that running back duo... ugh. You should have better options (unlike myself). Bench him.



D/ST Starters







D/ST Benchers







As always you can find me on Twitter @JustinLStewart and discuss fantasy football on here. Good luck guys!