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2012 Draft Profile: Guards

Continuing with offensive line prospects, this week's profile will focus on the Guard position.  I am happy with the job the offensive line has done as far as pass protection goes, but for whatever reason they simply choose not to block for Chris Johnson, much less anyone else we put in at the RB position.  The man known as CJ2K is having problems of his own, but that will be saved for another day.  Upon first looking at the O-Line, Leroy Harris may be the one to blame for struggles at the Guard position but Jake Scott is holding his own in the suckage category.  For all rushes towards the right, aka towards Jake Scott, only 3 rushes of 10+ yards have been accomplished.  As for Leroy Harris, 14 rushes of 10+ yards when rushing plays went to the left.  Although looking at those statistics, Harris would appear to be the better guard, but he does commit a lot of silly holding penalties.

As usual, I will be looking at four prospects and another special thanks goes out to nolesbroncos3456 for helping me again.  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and stuffed themselves with turkey as well as football! The prospects are after the jump.

David DeCastro - Stanford

6-5, 312 lbs

5.14 40 yd dash

Projected: 1st round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: excellent in both pass blocking and run blocking, pancakes DT's, elite intelligence, great work ethic and character, gets off the line quickly

Cons: other than a slightly smaller frame, DeCastro has very few flaws that are not fixable

Notes: I expect him to be a top 20 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  If he is still on the board, I want the TItans to select him" - nolesbroncos3456


Kelechi Osemele - Iowa State

6-5, 347 lbs

5.36 40 yd dash

Projected: 2nd round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: played both the tackle and guard position, much better guard than a tackle, gets off the line quickly to set up outside block

Cons: struggled at the tackle position, overpowered by the DT's, does not finish blocks

Notes: really not impressed with him


Kevin Zeitler - Wisconsin

6-4, 312 lbs

5.21 40 yd dash

Projected: 2nd round pick

Highlight video: here (Lone highlight at 3:47)

Pros: strong at the point of attack, very mobile and athletic, blocks well for screens, good in pass protection, weight room freak

Cons: slightly undersized


Cordy Glenn - Georgia

6-5, 348 lbs

5.28 40 yd dash

Projected: 1st or 2nd round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: solid athlete for his size, above average in both pass blocking and run blocking, drives defenders off the ball, rarely ever gets beat

Cons: when he does get beat he looks foolish, could work on explosion off the ball, has a habit of overextending on plays

Notes: "There aren't many flaws to his game and whatever there are, they can be corrected with good coaching.  A very good athlete for his huge size.  A better second level blocker than most will give him credit for.  Excellent body control for a man his size.  Another utility OL that was pressed into OT action early on due to injuries to oft injured and now retired UGA LT Trindon Sturdivant.  He helps C Ben Jones anchor the line.  I project him late 1st round and a more likely early to mid 2nd round spot due to his flaws and rather less than inspiring showing at OT early on in his career.  He will be a solid guard when it's all said and done." - nolesbroncos3456 


I apologize for a couple lame highlight videos, but it is not a flashy position, so many  people do not make good highlight videos if any at all.  If the Titans were to go Guard position in the 1st round, I would take David DeCastro in a heartbeat.  If they decide to wait until the 2nd round, they might be able to snag Cordy Glenn, but it will all depend on workouts, pro days, combine etc. Thanks for reading guys!

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