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Packers vs. Lions Open Game Thread

This one should be really fun to watch. This is the game the Lions have been waiting for all season long. Jim Schwartz and company are getting the chance to prove to the nation that they are a legit contender.

Of course that isn't going to be easy against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Rodgers has been in the zone recently like no quarterback I can ever remember. He just doesn't make mistakes. It doesn't hurt that he has more weapons on his team right now than the Titans have had in their history. It sure would be nice if Mike Reinfeldt would learn a lesson from his buddies in Green Bay and build a team like that.

The Lions are a seven point underdog in this one. I am taking them to win the game outright.

Use this thread to discuss the game while you are eating your turkey. I will post threads for the two late games when it is time for them to start.