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Titans Top 5 Defensive Plays Against the Falcons

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We have a new series here at MCM that will look at the top 5 defensive plays from each game. That was a tough assignment from this last game. The defense didn't play very well, and they only made a couple of big plays.

Click through the jump to see the plays I picked.

5. Colin McCarthy tackles Roddy White short of the first down marker.

Like I said, slim pickens...McCarthy made a nice tackle to keep White short of the first down on a 3rd and 11 play late in the first half. The play forced the Falcons to punt.

4. Michael Griffin stuffs Jason Snelling.

In the third quarter Griffin stuffed Snelling on a third and one. Of course the Falcons went for it on 4th and 1, got it and ended up getting a field goal, but that play was fun while it lasted.

3. Akeem Ayers stuff Michael Turner on third and one.

This time the Falcons didn't go for it on 4th down...they just went ahead and kicked the field goal.

2. Michael Roos tackles Dunta Robinson.

This isn't technically a defense play, but it always funny when offensive lineman make tackles. The tackle by Roos wouldn't have been necessary if Lavelle Hawkins didn't stand there like and idiot and do nothing..

1. Colin McCarthy forces a fumble.

And just like that McCarthy has made more plays than Stephen Tulloch ever did..