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Tennessee Titans Reviewed By Pro Football Focus and Football Outsiders

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I don't care what they say, Ruud would be standing about where McCourty is on this play.
I don't care what they say, Ruud would be standing about where McCourty is on this play.

PFF has the Re-Focused for last week's loss to the Falcons, and it largely confirms a lot of what we saw. The offensive line had a horrible day doing anything outside of breathing and jumping offsides. Even Michael Roos earned a negative grade for the first time this year. Mike Otto also struggled in relief for David Stewart.

One of the things I didn't expect was some of the criticism of Colin McCarthy. While it still graded as better than anything Ruud has done as a Titan, they rated McCarthy as worse in pass coverage than I expected. McCarthy gave up 4 catches for 54 yards, and he missed two tackles in coverage. Of course, Ruud gave up just about the same on the Falcons' opening drive, so most likely McCarthy looked better to me because I viewed it through the prism of Ruud's ineptitude. He's still a huge upgrade at MLB, but McCarthy in coverage will be something we need to watch this week against Kellen Winslow.

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Also surprising to me was that Locker ended up with almost the exact same grade as Matt Hasselbeck. I'm not sure how to explain that since, while they both had some overthrows, Locker ended up with 2 TDs, no INTs and 58 points higher in QB rating. Locker also ended up 12 spots higher in this week's Football Outsiders Quick Reads. Maybe the difference between the raw stats and PFF's rating stems from what FO pointed out [emphasis added by me]:

All [Locker] does is throw touchdowns: 86 percent of Locker's passing DYAR comes from his two touchdown tosses. He had one stretch of nine dropbacks that produced 15 yards and one first down.

Also, PFF has a great bit here on just how good Cortland Finnegan has been this season:

Tennessee Titans: The longest pass that Cortland Finnegan has allowed is 33 yards, which is the shortest of the corners with a coverage rating of at least +5.0.