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Chiefs @ Patriots Monday Night Football Open Thread

Here is your place to discuss what is sure to be a fantastic Monday Night Football game between the Chiefs and Patriots. New England would have won this game by 28 if Matt Cassel was playing quarterback. There is a good chance they win it by 48 with Tyler Palko playing quarterback.

As for fantasy scenarios, I have lost 2 of my 4 leagues. I have a pretty comfortable lead in one of my other two. The guy I am playing in that one has Wes Welker and Brandon Flowers left. I should be good, but I am afraid of the number Welker might put up.

The other league is the official MCM one. I have Michaeltastic beat unless Stephen Gostowski puts up 70 points.

So, if for some odd reason you are watching this game, be sure and share your thoughts about it, your fantasy scenarios, or anything else that is on your mind here. I am sure fun will be had by all.