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MCM Radio Tonight 9 P.M. Central


Tonight August and I will be joined by Jason from Cincy Jungle to talk about the Cincinnati Bengals. We will ask him if he thinks the Bengals are as good as their 5-2 record, and how much he loves Pacman Jones.

If you have any Bengals questions you would like for us to ask him, leave them in the comments and we will work them in.

I am sure we will also talk a little bit more about the win over the Colts, Chris Johnson's struggles, and numerous other topics surrounding the Titans. A good time will be had for all.

As always, you can join the show by clicking on the image above. There will be a chat room on the Blog Talk Radio site during the show where you can interact with us. Who wouldn't want to do that?

If you cannot catch the show live it will be archived on BTR and available on iTunes.