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Fantasy Football Week 9: Waiver Wire

This is gonna probably be the hottest fantasy wire pick up of the week.
This is gonna probably be the hottest fantasy wire pick up of the week.

Another week, another edition of waiver wire. It's getting down to the nitty gritty where if you've been doing terrible this season you've got very little time to turn it around and if you're set up for a post season run you could just find a guy on the waiver wire that could carry you all the way to the championship. Here we go again!

Jonathan Baldwin - WR Chiefs

He went up and above expectations this last week and was a big reason why the Chiefs won. This is my waiver wire pick of the week. Snag him. He played well and has a fairly lenient schedule ahead of him and the Chiefs. He is owned in a measly .5% of all ESPN fantasy leagues.


Javon Ringer - RB Titans

Chris Johnson has gone above and beyond pathetic. I've run out of excuses for him and I think the Titans have as well. The clock is ticking on how long he can still be the number one back. Ringers worth the look if you feel like doing a little gambling. He is owned in 2.3% of all ESPN fantasy leagues.


Antonio Brown - WR Steelers

He seems to have finally arrived. His past two games have been most excellent. He is owned in 23.8% of all ESPN leagues.


Carson Palmer - QB Raiders

DON'T ADD HIM, but do watch him. He's coming into a good situation and was recently reunited with one of his favorite receivers of old, Houshmandzadeh. I'm not sure how well he'll play after sitting out for so long, but he's definitely worth keeping your eye on. He is currently owned in 19.3% of all ESPN fantasy leagues.



These are the biggest ones for this week. 


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