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Fantasy Football Week 11: The End is Near...

We're coming to the end of the regular fantasy football season pretty soon and every point/win matters. We've got a bunch of big name benchers. I put my head on the chopping block this week with a few calls. Let's do this thing.

QB Starters


Ryan Fitzpatrick

He has been a real stinker of late but this game stinks of redemption. Start him.


Matthew Stafford

Yes he is dealing a unhappy index finger but a matchup against the Panthers is too good to pass up. I don't think he'll be throwing a bunch, but all it takes is a ball or two to megatron to make it worth it. Just don't set your expectations too high. Start him.


Eli Manning

Phillies dysfunctional backfield has hardly been scaring anyone this season. I don't think Victor Cruz, Mario Manningham, or Jake Ballard are tremendously scared.... Start him.


Carson Palmer

He's getting more in-sync with the team and against one of the leagues weaker defenses he should have a good showing. Start him.


Matt Hasselbeck

Risk vs. reward. The Falcons have a tough run defense but their pass defense is ranked 26th. Damian Williams is starting to come into his own and CJ is becoming a more integral part of the pass game. Start him.



QB Benchers


Matt Ryan

I'm definitely going against the grain on this one. It's starting to look highly likely that Ryan won't have his savior Julio Jones there on Sunday. That's a huge problem for Ryan. He loves to feed the ball to him and is rewarded handsomely by doing so. Without him, it's all about the ground game. I'm not a fan of Ryan this week. Bench him.


Philip Rivers

He's also been really terrible this season. Going against a bears defense doesn't really help instill confidence in him. Bench him.


Mike Vick/Vince Young

I don't feel as if I really have to justify this. Bench them.


RB Starters


Chris Johnson

I don't want to say this one at all. Especially given the fact that the Falcons are sporting a top-3 run defense. I'm only doing this because he's slowly been looking a little more like the old CJ we know. LIMIT your expectations and be sure to throw up a pray or two.... Start him.


Michael Bush

It looks like it'll be another week before McFadden is back and Bush has been a real terror in his absence. Start him.


Reggie Bush

Just Do It™. Start him.


Marshawn Lynch

Lynch has finally picked it up and been doing some serious damage of late. He just rushed for over 100 yards against the Ravens. The Rams can hardly compare. Start him.



RB Benchers


Beanie Wells

He's a bit gimpy and going up against one of the leagues most stingy defenses. Bench him.


LeGarrette Blount

It's been rough since his injury and he doesn't seem fully repaired. As much as I want to tell you to start him, I can't do it. Bench him.


Cedric Benson

Fun stat via ESPN "Since Benson's debut in 2005, no defense has allowed fewer rushing TDs than the Ravens (43 in 105 games)." Benson hasn't been a superstar this season and this obviously isn't a friendly matchup. Bench him, I am.



WR Starters


Damian Williams

I say to start him almost every week and this one is no different. He's facing the 26th ranked pass defense and is on a roll. Start him.


Nate Washington

What? Two Titans wide receivers starting on the same fantasy team in the same week? Yes. The one time I did this before it worked out well. Washington has been slowed up by an injury but I think it has gotten better and Williams emergence as a dangerous receiver takes that much more attention off of him. Start him.


Brandon Lloyd

St. Louis has treated him just fine. Meeting up with his old head coach McDaniels certainly didn't hurt. He's a solid fantasy option every week. This week just presents more opportunity as he faces a struggling Seahawks defense. Start him.


Michael Crabtree

He had an off week last week against the Giants but this week the Cardinals present the perfect rebound. Start him.



WR Benchers


A.J. Green

It's not so much the matchup that worries me as Green's knee. If you can afford to, I'd bench him this week in favor of another receiver. Bench him.


Braylon Edwards

This former first round pick has fallen from grace hard. He's still looking for his first touchdown of the season. The Cardinals may make you think twice about it, but don't be fooled. Bench him.


Roddy White

His potency is diluted a whole bunch when he doesn't have Jones opposite him to draw the attention of the defense. Last week the Titans stuffed Steve Smith, who is second in the league in receiving yards. Call me crazy. Bench him.



TE Starters


Tony Gonzalez

He has a touchdown in each of his last two games and is big a red-zone target. With the likelihood of Ruud starting (puke, gag, *death) he could be that much more potent. Even though I'm not high on Matt Ryan this week I still think Gonzalez should be dangerous (and I'm sure all of you agree and think I'm a moron for not liking Ryan). Start him. 


Jason Witten

The Redskins defense hasn't been the impressive defense that we saw at the beginning of the season. Witten is Romo's favorite target and there should never be any real doubt, barring injury, about starting him. Do it. Start him.


Greg Olson

He had an off week. Forgive and forget. Start him.



TE Benchers


Antonio Gates

Unfavorable matchup + poor QB play makes Justin say... Bench him.


Kellen Winslow

The Buccaneers have not been playing the best of late and the Packers have. I'm just not biting. Bench him.



D/ST Starters









D/ST Benchers








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Discuss, yell at me, whatever floats your boat. Best of luck guys.