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Mike Munchak on How the Titans Can Beat the Falcons

Mike Munchak was asked after practice today what the Titans need to do in this game to beat the Falcons. Here was his response:

I think just that we control the ball early and try to do something in the first quarter or the first half of that game where we don’t let them get into that type of game because when they do they are hard to stop. They have lost two games this year at home which is very rare for them. That’s why it’s so important on the offensive side of the ball like we have been talking the last few weeks and be productive early. We can’t blow opportunities, we can’t blow good field position. We have to do something with it because when you are playing good football teams like this weekend, all of the sudden you get in a hole, so we have to be very aware of that.

I will get into this more later, but I think the key for the Titans in this one is going to be sustaining drives and keeping the Falcons offense on the sideline. Michael Turner's game is based on wearing opposing defenses down. The best way to keep him from doing that is to keep him on the sidelines.