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2012 Draft Profile: Centers

Oh My.
Oh My.

Hey, haven't you heard? Eugene Amano is terrible.  The offensive line has clearly not been the same since the departure of Kevin Mawae, and I think it is time the Titans look at other options for the center position.  In 2010, the offensive line allowed the rushing attack to average 4.3 yards per carry, but through 9 games this season, that average has fallen to 3.4 yards per carry.  Now some may argue the blame is on Chris Johnson, but it is hard to fault him when he cannot even make it back to the line of scrimmage before being tackled because they have allowed the defenders to come through.

A few more stats before going over the profiles.  For all running plays designed toward the center, only 1 rush of 10 or more yards has been allowed this season, which currently ranks 31st in the NFL; only the Bengals have a worse statistic.  Follow me into the mists of Avalon for the profiles of each prospect; sorry, I felt a quote from Stepbrothers was necessary here.  The center position was difficult to analyze since it is not a flashy position, so a special thanks goes to nolesbroncos3456 for helping me out with this one.  It is much appreciated!

Peter Konz - Wisconsin

6-5, 315 lbs

5.58 40 yd dash

Projected: 1st or 2nd round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: excellent run blocker, gets off the line quickly, excellent pass protector, creates a lot of running room

Cons: sometimes gets pushed over, misses blocking assignments

2010 RB/QB: John Clay, Montee Ball, James White, Scott Tolzien (completed 73% of his passes)

2011 RB/QB: Montee Ball, Russell Wilson

Notes: Could be one of the best centers as a junior but recent ankle injury should keep him in school for 2012. Another great O-Lineman in the history of Wisconsin OL. If he comes out this year, I project him into the 3rd round based on his injury history but his talent says 2nd round. He can be a good fit for zone blocking teams that require their OL to be on the move a lot.


Michael Brewster - Ohio State

6-5, 293 lbs

5.08 40 yd dash

Projected: late 1st round or early 2nd round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: great at setting up the screen, sheds tacklers, good at opening up running lanes,

Cons: sometimes overpowered by DT's

2010 RB/QB: Dan Herron, Terrell Pryor

2011 RB/QB: Jordan Hall, Dan Herron, Carlos Hyde, Braxton Miller

Notes: The top center coming into 2011 football season and has done nothing to expel that notion from NFL teams. He's a likely 1st round candidate, if not very early 2nd round pick. 


William Vlachos - Alabama

6-1, 295 lbs

5.13 40 yd dash

Projected: 2nd or 3rd round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: relentless motor, great work ethic, makes all line calls, plays extremely well given his size

Cons: small frame, gets pushed over, not the quickest

2010 RB/QB: Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Greg McElroy

2011 RB/QB: Trent Richardson, A.J. McCarron

Notes: He'll make a great backup utility OL in the pros that has a hope of starting one day. Vlachos is a quick study as well. I have a feeling he will make somebody's roster at the end of camp. Great teammate to be around as numerous Bama players love him.


Ben Jones - Georgia

6-3, 315 lbs

5.26 40 yd dash

Projected: 1st or 2nd round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: good mobility, gets off the line quickly, can play both C and OG in the NFL, strong

Cons: misses blocking assignments, sometimes gives up the block when he thinks the QB has gotten rid of the ball

Notes: He has led Georgia's rise in the SEC East as the anchor of the OL. Winner of back to back SEC OL of the Week award with 15 pancakes, no sacks allowed, and 1,200+ total yards in the past 2 games. NFL scouts have him tied with Michael Brewster as the top Center eligible for the 2012 Draft. Has started 45 of 49 games in his career.


Well that concludes the profile on the center prospects. As always, feel free to chime in with other prospects you feel the Titans should take a look at.  Have a great weekend everyone! As promised, I will not be watching the Titans game on Sunday because they did so well last weekend when I was not watching. I will be making the roadtrip to West Lafayette, IN for the Purdue/Iowa game on Saturday though!

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