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Week 11: Predictions From The Contributors and Kayne

I have added a feature this week; I am keeping track of how all the predictors have fared on Ws and Ls. Games will only count 1 point, unless the score is predicted correctly. That will net 5 points for the W column. You will notice some of the contributors numbers don't add up. That is because they have chosen weeks to be lazy and not pick a game.

Starting us off this week is our resident Titan-fan-in-Atlanta:

Kayne (4-5)

At 5-4, this team has been somewhat of an enigma. This offense should be able to put up bunches of points with the high level talent at all skill positions. . The Falcons want to run, and everything is based off being able to run. Michael Turner is averaging 87.6 ypg this season to go with 7 touchdowns. If the Titans try to sell out on the run, then the play action will be very effective. The offensive line which had some issues early in the season, has been much improved and has been giving Matt Ryan time to find the open man. Now, if Roddy will put some stickum on his gloves and if Julio would stop being the Crimson Tide baby that he is and man up, that would help this offense.
Defensively, the Falcons have been great at stopping the run...or maybe the stats are just skewed because they have been so bad at stopping the pass. The secondary is the weak link with the Falcons. The pass rushers John Abraham and Ray Edwards have only combined for 5 sacks and much more was expected from those two.
This Falcons team still has the talent to be a top 5 team in the league (homer?). I just don't think the Titans can contain Turner or get enough pressure on Ryan to win this game. Although, if CJ is getting back to his old self, this could be a barn burner! Coming off a disappointing loss to division rival New Orleans Saints in which coach Mike Smith may have made the WORST play call in all of the NFL this season, the team will have to bounce back. I think the Falcons come out ready to play and win this game.

Falcons 34 - Titans 17

Tuna Melt (2-6)

This is a tough one for the Titans. The Falcons are really good on both sides of the ball. The Titans defense will have to be even better this week than they were last week to win. That is a tall task if Barrett Ruud is out there, but they will get a huge break considering trevor's favorite receiver probably won't be able to go for the Falcons. I just have a bad feeling about this one.

Falcons 27 - Titans 17

g string (4-4)

The win last week proved that the Titans still have the skill to beat bad teams. Wish that was the case when we played the Jaguars! I want to believe that that Titans will pull out a W this week, but with our recent M.O. of good week-bad week-good week, this one is looking like a bad week. The last time the Titans were at the Georgia Dome was an awesome time (have you heard my story about Eddie??). The good news is we faced the best rookie receiver we are gonna see against the Bengals, but I still don't think this one turns out very well.

Falcons 24 - Titans 20

smash on a plane (3-4)

It's a new season now with Matt Schaub out, and I expect Munchak will stress that this week. The Titans are catching a break with Julio Jones out. Chris Johnson is rolling, and the defense should build on last week's performance. There is lots to be excited about as a Titans fan. Yes, Atlanta almost beat the reigning Super Bowl Champs, but they played pretty badly until the fourth quarter. I'm really excited for this game. Too bad I'll be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

Titans 30 - Falcons 17

Daniel, Daniel, Reese y'all (4-3)

A little worried about this one, even of Chris Johnson has shown some of the explosiveness we all love, the Falcons should provide a tougher defense to run on. Matt Ryan seems to have started to get his season on track and that REALLY scares me. If he's on his game with that group of receivers, watch out. This is really an opportunity for the secondary (really the defense as a whole) to build on last weeks' effort. Avoid a slow start and they should be right in this one to the end, don't underestimate the momentum a win like the one we saw last week can create. Houston is reeling, time to gain some ground.

Titans 27 - Falcons 20

SuperTexan (3-6)

To hell with the analytics. The Titans win because they need to win in order to stay in the thick of this divisional and wildcard race. Hasselbeck throws for 500 and McCarthy takes three picks to the house for touchdowns.

Titans 52 - Falcons 10

A Dub Dub Dub (4-4)

I expect this to be a good, close game, but the Titans are going to have to play error-free offense. No turnovers, no drive killing penalties and no back to back 3 and outs. On top of that, the LBs and safeties are going to have to limit one of the best all around TEs in the history of the game, Tony Gonzalez, while containing a dangerous running attack. Sounds like a tall order, but I can't bet against my boys.

Titans 17 - Falcons 13