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MCM Radio Tonight 9 Central


It is a special Thursday edition of MCM Radio. Tonight we will discuss this weekend's match-up between the Titans and Falcons. Nolesbroncos emailed me earlier saying that he has a unique perspective on this game because he lives in Atlanta and follows the Falcons closely. We are going to give him his chance to prove that tonight.

You know the drill. The link above will take you to the show. So if you are watching the Fightin' Tebows vs. the Dirty Jets around that time, just take a little time out to join us for the show. I can almost promise you will be more entertained.

If you have any topics you would like for us to talk about during the show, just leave a comment here and we will do our best to work them in. You can also join the chat room over at BTR during the show to weigh in.