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Mike Munchak On Matt Schaub's Injury

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I love that the reporters at practice on Wednesday had a complete line of questioning for Mike Munchak about what Matt Schaub's injury means to the Titans. The Titans don't face the Texans again until week 17. What did they expect him to say?

Here was his answer to the question about if it was the break the Titans needed:

Well I don’t know. Like I said, that’s not something that helps us beat Atlanta this weekend and it won’t help us beat Tampa next weekend and on and on and on. It doesn’t really affect us at all unless they lose two or three games over the next three or four weeks, then maybe all of the sudden it means something. For now it just means that a good football player got hurt and is not playing and we will see what it means when the season ends.
This has been my caution all along. The Titans have won the injury report every week this season, and they are only 5-4. They just need to worry about the business at hand.