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Fantasy Football Week 11: Waiver Wire Pick-ups

Another week of waiver wire pick-ups. I've also got a list of guys you'll want to drop after a rough week of injuries. Well enough of the blah, blah, blah. Lets get into it.

Anthony Fasano - TE Dolphins

With Matt Moore at the helm he has been having a much better season. He's by no means blowing people away but he's doing decent. If you're hurting at TE in a league lacking options, he's worth a look... unless you play PPR. He is currently owned in 2.1% of all ESPN leagues.


Lance Ball - RB Broncos

Moreno is out for the season and McGahee keeps getting injured. This last game he got 30 carries. If the Broncos keep using the run game as their entire offense, he could be really valuable. He is currently owned in 5.7% of all ESPN fantasy leagues. Up 5.3% so far this week....


Kendall Hunter - RB 49ers

You'll wanna watch Gores status all week but there is a good chance that the 49ers could rest him against the Cardinals and Hunter will get to handle the carries. He is currently owned by 15.7% of all ESPN leagues. If you're looking for a RB to play for this week, keep your eyes on Hunter.


Denarius Moore - WR Raiders

Palmer has been great for Moore. If you need a receiver, this guy is close to a #1 receiver and you should grab him without hesitation. He is currently owned in 65.6% of all ESPN leagues, up 37.4% in the past 7 days.





Matt Schaub 

He's done. Use that spot for something else.


Knowshon Moreno

His ACL is torn and he's done. Drop him.


Owen Daniels

Without Schaub his value takes a considerable hit. The Texans should lean heavily on the run with Leinhart back there. Give it a week or two to see how things pan out with Leinart back there, but I would say things don't look good for Daniels right now...


Matt Cassel

His throwing hand is injured and could require surgery. His fantasy season is done to say the least.


Leonard Hankerson

Things were just starting to look good for him too. Oh well. He's done for the season with a couple nasty injuries. Drop him.


Michael Vick

This one would probably be a good choice. His ribs have been bad all season and got beaten again this last week. He's not been playing like he was last year and should be easily replaced with another QB on your roster or waiver wire.



On another note, as the playoffs draw near, I was wondering if for the regular fantasy article during the playoff weeks if you guys would like to to put who has the better matchups and should be a better start.

Example: "Vincent Jackson has been having an off season and is going up against the stingy Bears defense. Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz should be better starts as they're playing against a Eagles defense that has been pretty generous this season."

There is a rough sketch of what it would be like. If you like that idea, let me know and tell me when you playoffs start. My playoffs start in week 14.


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See you guys Saturday with another fantasy report.