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Damian Williams Is Becoming a Legitimate Threat for the Titans

We have given Damian Williams a rough time here. We were all excited about his potential before the season started, but he looked really inconsistent at the end of camp and early in the season. He has had his problems in the last few weeks, but he really does look like he is starting to put it together.

Mike Munchak was asked about D-Will after the game yesterday:

He’s just getting better every week. I think you’re seeing that and that’s what we try to tell him. This league is that way. It’s his first year starting and he’s been making some great plays. He’s been making some great catches. Last week’s catch in the end zone was an awesome catch. He’s got confidence. You can see it growing and it makes him get that first play. We’re on the sidelines going, ‘did he get the first down’, and he found a way to make them miss and score a touchdown, not only get the first down. You’re seeing a guy grow up and learn how to play in this league. You’re seeing a guy gain his confidence weekly. Matt (Hasselbeck) has confidence in him. We knew that all along so he’s turned into a really nice weapon for us.

The key there is the confidence. He looked like he was playing lost earlier in the season, but that is not the case now.

Matt Hasselbeck also had good things to say about Williams after the game:

He’s making plays. This week, with the injuries we’ve had, the amount of guys that weren’t able to practice, and people’s statuses were up in the air, he got more opportunities, got more reps and was called upon a little bit more. He handled it well. I thought he had a great week of practice. There are always things, even with a veteran receiver, there are always things that you’d like to see. I think with a young receiver, I think the thing for him is that the more he gets to play, the more comfortable he’ll get, and the more experience that he will get. He’s scoring touchdowns right now which is really nice.
Hopefully he can continue to improve and be a legitimate threat opposite Kenny Britt next season.