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Titans 30 Panthers 3 Quick Recap

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This was a win to feel good about. Chris Johnson looked good today. It took him a while to get going, but he ended the day strong. Now it did come against a terrible run defense, but just a few weeks ago he wasn't able to do anything against a Colts run defense that is worse. That is something to build on.

Damian Williams looked like a legitimately good wide receiver today. He caught everything, and he had another really nice play where he went up the ladder, made the catch, and tapped his toes. Something to build on.

The defense looked like a completely different unit today. They were facing the best group of skill players they have seen all season, and they held them to a field goal. I had been saying all week that it was going to take 30 points to win this game. Well the Titans got 30, but that was 27 more than they needed.

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