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Saturday Night NCAA Football Open Thread

The game of the night tonight is Oregon at Stanford. As an Alabama fan I will be cheering for the Ducks in this one because I need Stanford to have a loss. Even though they are still behind Bama in the current BCS Standings, they will jump ahead if they go undefeated.

Alabama is at Mississippi State tonight. The Bulldogs are not as good as they were supposed to be this year, but a trip to Starkville is never an easy task.

You also have Boise State playing TCU right now. They are only up 7 as I write this in the first quarter. I wouldn't mind seeing them lose as well because I don't want to hear people cry when an undefeated Boise team is left out.

So discuss any of those games, or anything else you fee l the need to talk about in this thread. It should be a good night of football.