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Fantasy Football Week 10: Pick Me A Winner

<strong>Vicks Sleeper of the Week:</strong> Laurent Robinson will be playing the in #2 receiver spot this week with Miles Austin being out again.
Vicks Sleeper of the Week: Laurent Robinson will be playing the in #2 receiver spot this week with Miles Austin being out again.

Another week, another list of starters and benchers. It was another tough week of picking out the goods and the bads but I think we've got a pretty solid list after the jump. Check it out and feel free to leave comments or just discuss fantasy football. Here goes another week of fantasy football advice...

QB Starters

Tim Tebow

Fine... Start him. He's putting up the points via the ground. He does luck out in the air occasionally. He's going up against against a defense that has been real back and forth thus far this season with their quality of play. Start him.


Matt Hasselbeck

The Panthers defense isn't the scary part of the team, though it's not terrible either. They will be missing their lead tackler and are a little banged up. He's not a big point maker but he's extremely consistent. Start him.


Michael Vick

This season has been a far cry from what last season was. He has 11 TD's to 9 interceptions. This game presents quite the opportunity to improve upon that. Start him.


Matt Ryan

He has similarly had a rough year and is up against a pretty generous defense in the Saints. Depending on how well the Saints offense is moving, Ryan could have to move the ball through the air a lot to stay on top. That means using his weapons Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, and Roddy White.



QB Benchers


Andy Dalton

It's not fun for any QB to go against the Steelers D, let alone a rookie. Dalton has had an impressive rookie season thus far, but this is gonna be one of his less memorable performances. Bench him.


Colt McCoy

It's been a bit of a rough year for him. Part of his problem has probably been the fact that Hillis has been so off and injured. With that being the case, McCoy has a less effective ground game to take the focus off the passing game. The Rams certainly aren't the meanest defense but things just aren't right in Cleveland right now. Bench him.


Matt Schaub

His value has been as low as ever without Johnson to throw the ball to. With how well the Texans run game has been going and the fact that they now tote the #1 defense in the NFL, Schaub doesn't actually have to throw the ball. He's not really worth the start till Johnson is back. Bench him.



RB Starters


Willis McGahee

He's been golden this season. I can't find any reason in the world not to start him. Do it. Start him.


Michael Turner

This matchup should make you drool. Make sure he's in your lineup. Start him.


Roy Helu, Jr.

He's the number one back... I think. Either way he was the offense for the Redskins last week and will probably be seeing a similar workload this week against the Dolphins. Don't hope for big things but... Start him.


Shonn Greene

He has been playing a lot better than he was earlier this season. A matchup against the Patriots should pay off. Key word being should. Start him.



RB Benchers


Chris Johnson

I am only starting him in my fantasy league because that's how thin I am at running back. He has found the end-zone once this year. He looked like the old CJ in the first half of this last weeks game but then quickly fell back into his slump. He's still gotta prove himself before I'm gonna put him back in the starters spot. He might break out this week...but I'm not holding my breath. Bench him.


Marshawn Lynch

He's good, he's bad, he's good, he's bad... I don't expect the Ravens to let us see his good side this week. Bench him.


Ahmad Bradshaw/Brandon Jacobs

Bradshaw is out for at least another week and this is just another one of this weeks tough matchups. The 49ers have a fairly scary front and I think they'll do a good job of containing the Giants run game. Bench 'em.



WR Starters


Dez Bryant

Miles Austin is out. Bryant is gonna be the big gun out there and this could be quite the vertical battle. Bryant is a very talented receiver and when he's good, he's great. Start him.


Damian Williams

He's still my boy. This week there is a gimpy Washington and Hawkins. The balls gotta go somewhere and there is only him, Cook, and Avery to get it. I'm not psyched about this one but he is Hasselbeck's favorite red zone target. Start him.


Michael Jenkins

He makes big plays. He doesn't get a ton of receptions but when he gets his hands on the ball he makes it count. It's always a gamble but I like this matchup. Start him.



WR Benchers


Andre Johnson

Ruled out of the game... again. Make sure he's benched.


Sidney Rice

This depends on which Ravens defense decides to show up Sunday. The one the Titans destroyed or the one that has stifled the Steelers twice. I just don't see this one being in the Seahawks favor. Limit your expectations or... Bench him.


Brandon Marshall

The Redskins have been a really stiff defense this year and even in games they've lost the score has been fairly low. Marshall is real hit or miss and this looks like one of those miss weeks. Bench him.



TE Starters


Jake Ballard

He has been consistent all season. This is probably his hardest matchup yet. It could be a rough one, but I'd say have faith. Start him.


Jared Cook

I know he's got that unfortunate injury, but he did get in a full days practice Friday and he's going up against a linebacking corps that's beat up. Washington is questionable and the Titans may rely on Cook even more. It's risky, but I say... Start him.


Greg Olsen

The Titans linebackers are the least intimidating in the league. Olsen has been the more consistent of Newton's two tight ends.



TE Benchers


Jermaine Gresham

Whether or not he actually plays remains to be seen but with Donald Lee also being out, he'll probably get in at least some play. Being put up against the Steelers doesn't help the situation any. Bench him.


Anthony Fasano

Fluke. That's all last week was. I don't even have to say bench him because he shouldn't even be on your team...


Kellen Winslow

He's going against the #1 defense in the league. His season hasn't been that great, though it hasn't been bad. This just isn't a good matchup. Bench him.




D/ST Starters







D/ST Benchers







Well there we go folks. Questions, comments, etc....


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