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OT: Making Change in the Wake of the Penn State Scandal

All week the only thing anyone has been talking about is the horrifying events that have been happening around the football program at Penn State for the last decade plus. The details are so disgusting that I can only handle listening to people talk about it for so long. I have had to go on a sports talk radio strike for the last couple of days, and that is something I never do during football season.

Unbelievable is an overused word these days, but this whole thing truly is unbelievable. Yesterday I came to the realization that just sitting here and being outraged by the whole thing isn't enough. There needs to be some good that comes out of this. So I started looking for organizations here in the Nashville area that help with kids who have been through something like this. There is a center for abused kids here in Middle Tennessee called Our Kids. You can visit there website here and Facebook page here.  I plan on getting involved in some way with that organization.

I would encourage each of you to try and find an organization in your area that does something similar.  Even if you don't have money to give, volunteer your time and support.  Don't just sit around and be angry about it.  Do something to effect change for the good of the kids out there.