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Bengals vs. Titans Game Ball: Cortland Finnegan

There really was not anyone that stood out on Sunday against the Bengals. Matt Hasselbeck had a pretty good game. Lavelle Hawkins got his first career touchdown after four years in the league. Chris Johnson ran the ball well in the first half, but none of those performances really seemed worthy of a game ball.

So this week the award goes to Cortland Finnegan. He did not do anything to particularly stand out in this game, but he has been playing really well all season long. He is really the only playmaker that this defense has, and it is good to see that he has been able to do it without all of the junk we used to see after the whistle.

The interesting thing here is that he is doing all of this in a contract season. His value is a lot higher now than it was when he left camp because he wasn't happy with the offer the Titans gave him. It will be interesting to see what happens with him when free agency rolls around.