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Raiders vs. Chargers Thursday Night Football Open Thread

So begins the Thursday Night Football season. Unfortunately, I don't have the NFL Network, so I will not be able to watch this game. It should be a pretty good one.

There are a lot of storylines in this one. Philip Rivers, who I have on two fantasy teams, is having the worst year of his career. Some people are speculating that he is hurt, but he has been adamant that he is not.

On the other side you have Carson Palmer. He was pretty good last week after being terrible in his debut. The Raiders were crazy to give up two first round picks for him, but he is a better option than Kyle Boller.

Since I don't have time to do my full picks against the spread, I will just give this one right now. The Raiders are a 7 1/2 point dog in this one. I know they are without Darren McFadden, but I think they are able to stay within that number.