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Week 10: Predictions From The Contributors and white02slpss

This season is crashing fast. Here's to hoping we can get back on track against Jimmy's favorite player.

A Marine starts us off on this 10th of November:


Before the season started this is a game I originally had penciled in as a win. Not so much now. As much as the Titans have exceeded expectations, so has Cam Newton. He is at this point what we all wished Vince Young would have been for the Titans. The Panthers are coming off a bye and they are playing at home bUT It’s also about that time for the Titans to throw in a game that will give us hope only to leave us wondering again the following week.

Titans 30 - Panthers 17


This should be a shootout, which probably means it won't be. Both of these teams struggle on defense, and have issues on offense. Should be a big day for the TEs on both sides. Munchak needs a good performance out of these guys if he wants to salvage the goodwill of a significant contingent of Titans fans who are pretty frustrated with losing 3 of the last 4.

Titans 31 - Panthers 28


The next time these two teams face will probably be a lot more interesting, with Jake Locker and Cam Newton against each other. This time, however, I believe it's going to be the Cam Newton show. Steve Smith and Cam Newton is going to give our mediocre-at-best defense fits. This game looks like it could become a shootout, and the Titans offense is not built for shootouts right now.

Panthers 30 - Titans 17

Big Tuna

My prediction for this week is that my hate for Cam Newton grows to new heights. I am terrified of what he is going to do to our defense over the middle and if he runs. I don't see how we have an answers for that.

Panthers 24 - Titans 17

g love's special sauce

This game scares me a whole lot. I think we are gonna be able to score on Carolina, but I have no visions of being able to stop Newton. 400 yards passing against our defense is gonna be a lot of points. Add in the game being on the road, and I am not looking forward to this one at all.

Panthers 30 - Titans 13


I'm feeling decent about this game. Don't ask me why, maybe it's just delusion at this point. I think Cam Newton will give the defense at least a couple of chances to pick the ball off and take it the other way. If that happens, it will give the offense a much needed spark and hopefully a couple of short fields. I also think Chris Johnson will have a chance to build on his 1st half performance from last week, as long as we don't get too far behind early. Cam Newton will almost certainly put up some big numbers, but I think he will make jsut enough mistakes for the Titans to get out of this game with a W.

Titans 27- Panthers 24


When I looked at the schedule in the pre-season, I had this one penciled in as a win. Today, I'm not so sure. Carolina is dynamic on offense, and will find a way to get points on the board. The onus will be on the offense to put up enough points to keep us in the game. I'm not confident they can do that. Carolina's record would lead one to believe that we can pull this out, but this is a tough matchup for the Titans. I could see it going either way. In the end, I think Carolina has too much firepower.

Panthers 21 - Titans 13

MCM's prodigal DReese

This game has me excited. Not because it's going to be particularly fun to watch, just because I think the matchup is fascinating. Switching DeAngelo Williams with Chris Johnson right before week one? Clever, Panthers, very clever. I <3 Cam Newton.

Titans 21 - Panthers 20