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Pacman Jones: The Titans Weren't There for me When Times Got Hard

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An interview with Pacman Jones is gold. Gold, Jerry. Gold. Jim Wyatt apparently had a 25-minute phone conversation with Jones yesterday. That is 25 minutes of his life he will never get back.

Click through the jump for some of the highlights.

Adam says that the Titans didn't have his back when times got tough:
"Yeah, I did (mess) things up off the field. I blame myself for that. But I will say when times got hard (the Titans) weren’t there for me. But I ain’t holding no grudges, man. Life is too short for grudges. I don’t have time for all of that."

It is nice to see him taking a little bit of accountability, but it is laughable to say that the Titans weren't there for him. They should have dropped him years before they did.

Pacman still professes his love for Jeff Fisher. No surprise there:

"Jeff never turned his back on me. Never. Ever. It was the front office, starting with the head man (owner Bud Adams). It is what it is, but Jeff has always been there for me. (Former defensive coordinator Jim) Schwartz was always there for me; (former defensive coordinator) Chuck (Cecil) was always there for me. I wouldn’t say it was my coaches who turned their backs on me — they would call me and see how I was doing. I don’t know who the main person was who wanted me out of there, I never really got to the bottom of it."

Pacman also went you can't judge a book by its cover, which is always a winner.

Here is my favorite one of the whole interview:

On whether he was out of control with the Titans: "I plead the Fifth. You can put that (expletive) in the Tennessee papers. Why would I tell you? That would be a headline story I know. But I take responsibility. I don’t have any regrets, no regrets. But there ain’t nothing working out in Tennessee; they done got rid of one of the best coaches in the NFL. I loved Fisher. He was good to me."

Like I said, gold.