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Steelers 38 Titans 17: Matt Hasselbeck on Why the Offense Struggled

Here is what Matt Hasselbeck had to say after the game when asked what was wrong with the offense today:

On of the two biggest things was probably not getting the touchdown on the first drive. That was an opportunity for us to accomplish our goal for the day, which was to start fast and get up early. The biggest thing was our third down production in the first half. We weren’t on the field long enough, we didn’t convert. Besides the first drive, we didn’t convert on third down. That was a problem. We just got so far behind. I think the second drive of the second half we were going two-minute at that point.

I do think it was a pretty big blow to not get a touchdown on that first drive. Would that have changed anything later in the game? Probably not, but it would have at least given the team some momentum.

The biggest turning point in the game was the interception after the Titans recovered the onside kick. If they get a touchdown there it is definitely a different game.