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Matt Hasselbeck One Of NFL's Most Underappreciated QBs

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I really hate Trent Dilfer. I hated him as an NFL QB, and I hate him as a commentator. However, I like that he included Matt Hasselbeck on his list of the league's most underappreciated QBs (In$ider):

Negative perception: Solid quarterback, not great; needs great O-line for results; health a question

Underappreciated for: I'll preface this by saying I played with Hasselbeck and consider him a good friend. The skill I have always been in awe of with Hasselbeck is how good he is in the red zone. When he's down there, he's able to get the ball out quick with great anticipation. The windows get tighter, the decision-making process speeds up, but he sees it and delivers on a consistent basis -- fades, back-shoulders, slants, on the move. One thing I look for statistically is what percentage of red-zone attempts are touchdown passes, and Hasselbeck is off to another great start this year, with six TD passes in 16 attempts, almost 40 percent. Rodgers (31 percent), Brees (25), Roethlisberger (20) and many others trail.

I also think while many have pointed to this period as Hasselbeck's decline phase, I thought he was dealing the last couple of years far better than the results show. Seattle's offensive line was a disaster last season, and the receiving corps had been largely cobbled together over the last few seasons. Hasselbeck has something left, and the Titans are seeing it.

But of course he had to go an "Dilfer" the list and add Tony Romo....