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Titans vs. Steelers: Some Very Un-Steeler Like Stats

When you think of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, you think of turnovers, sacks and really good rushing defense. They have not been good at any of those three things through a quarter of the season this year.

They have zero interceptions this season. Zero. I could not believe that stat when I heard it yesterday.

Part of the reason they aren't getting interceptions is because they aren't getting much pressure on the quarterback. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle said that the Steelers on hit Matt Schaub once in their meeting last Sunday. They only have 7 sacks on the season. That ties them for 22nd in the league.

We talked yesterday about the fact that they have already given up two 100-yard rushers in 4 games.

As in pretty much every football game, the key for the Titans will be making sure they take care of the football. They have a really good chance to win the game if they are even or plus in turnover margin, but the game could get out of hand in a hurry if they give the Steelers offense a short field or two.