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Tennessee Titans Release Quinn Johnson

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Just another LSU player that couldn't hack it in the NFL. I kid. The Titans have released fullback Quinn Johnson to make room on the roster for fullback Ahmard Hall. It was pretty obvious this was the move the Titans were going to make because there was just no way they were going to carry two fullbacks on the roster.

They never have disclosed what pick they gave up to get Johnson before the season started, but it was more than likely a 7th rounder somewhere down the line.

We talked about this a little bit on MCM Radio, but I still think this really sucks for Quinn Johnson- if he was on track to make the Green Bay roster. He gets shipped to Tennessee just to play for a month and then get released. Then again, maybe the Packers are planning to re-sign him and were just renting him to the Titans for a month.

Quinn actually had a nice stay here with 3 catches for 30 yards.

[UPDATE]- Jim Wyatt just tweeted this:

Johnson did a good job for Titans in 4 games. And for those wondering he was free. Trade was for a cond. pick - if he played in 5 games.