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Mike Munchak on Ahmard Hall and Donnie Avery

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Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak was asked yesterday after practice about Ahmard Hall and Donnie Avery:

(on how Ahmard Hall is looking on the field and on tape)

He looks good, he looks quick, and he is moving well. We knew he would keep himself in great shape and he wasn’t too sore today from yesterday, so he looks good.

(on how Donnie Avery has looked this week and what his role may be in the game)

We will suit him up again and then it will all depend on how the game goes, if we are passing a lot. It’s supposed to be good weather like it is here, so if the guys are tired I’m sure he will have an opportunity to play more, especially if we are passing the ball quite a bit. So he is up, he feels more comfortable with the offense, we feel more comfortable with him, so he will have a chance to help us out this week.

It is going to be interesting to see what the Titans get out of both of these guys for the rest of the year.

I said on MCM Radio Wednesday night that getting Sarge back will no doubt help Chris Johnson, but it is not going to automatically fix everything that is wrong with the running game.


Avery actually has the better shot to make a real impact on this team. I think it is still going to be after the bye before he is really up to speed, but he has some upside. If his knee is healed, he can give them a deep threat that they don't really have right now outside of Nate Washington at the receiver position.