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Cortland Finnegan is Playing Well

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Here is something interesting about Cortland Finnegan's play against the Browns from Pro Football Focus:

When you first see that Cortland Finnegan (+3.0 coverage) allowed eight catches on 10 throws, you would think he had a tough day. However, he only allowed six yards per catch, and in most cases he was able to prevent any real damage from being done. In three cases, Finnegan stopped a receiver short from a third down, which is the most important part of those plays. Two more times, on earlier downs, he was able to stop the receiver for a short gain. He hit Greg Little once to force a drop, and disrupted a wide receiver screen which led to Colt McCoy throwing the ball away. He did allow three passes to be caught for first downs, but he was also the reason that eight different Browns plays didn’t work out.

After all of the good things that Finny has done this season, we have forgotten about the contract dispute from camp. It is going to be interesting to see how that plays out now because it would seem that his value is higher now than it was a couple of months ago.