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Week 8 in the AFC South

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You are all aware of what happened here with the Colts and Titans. The Colts are terrible and the Titans played well enough to get a win they desperately needed. The game went about like we all expected.

The other AFC South game was a disappointment. I was really counting on the Jaguars going into Houston and knocking the Texans off. It didn't happen, and the Texans remain in control of the division.

Like I said last week, this division is the Texans to lose right now. I still don't think they are a team that is going to win 11 or 12 games, but they are 2-2 without Andre Johnson. It looks like he will be ready to return this week.

You never want to be in a position where you need help, but that is where the Titans find themselves. Of course they have a lot more to worry with themselves than what the Texans are doing against other teams.