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Titans 27 Colts 10: Grading the Defense

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The Colts put up 158 yards rushing, but 79 of that came from Curtis Painter. Most of his runs came late in the game when the Titans were really backing off in the prevent. They held the running backs to 79 yards on 18 carries. That is a pretty solid effort.

The defensive line played miles better this week than they did last week. They weren't getting blown 5 yards off the ball on every play- which is a plus.

The grade here is not that high because they did what they were expected to do against a team that is not that good at running the football.

Rushing defense: B

I would have really liked to see them keep Painter under the 250 that he got, but they kept him from throwing any touchdown passes and picked him off twice.

The defensive line was the key here as well because they got a lot of pressure on Painter. They only sacked him twice, but they got a lot of pressure on him and a tipped ball led to the second pick.

The corner played well once again, and Michael Griffin had a nice diving interception.

Pass defense: B