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Titans 27 Colts 10: Grading the Offense

Anything that we think we saw from the offense today has to be taken with a grain of salt. That defense that the Colts ran out there is really bad, so there is a certain amount of success that should be expected.

That being said, the offense looked better today than it has the last couple of weeks. Chris Johnson and Javon Ringer both had 14 carries. Ringer ended the day with 26 more yards (60 to 34).

In the short term, it looks like a 50/50 split in carries is the way to go. Johnson just isn't running the ball well right now at all. He is the one making all of the money, but that doesn't mean he should be on the field if he isn't producing. Right now he isn't producing.

Run offense: B

I was more impressed with the passing offense. Again, not numbers that set the world on fire, but the receivers caught the ball when it was thrown to them. This group isn't going to make a lot of big plays, so it is even more important that they catch the ball when they have the opportunity.

Damian Williams caught 4 of the 5 balls that were thrown his way. That is a huge improvement over the last couple of weeks. He is a guy that has a chance to be a good NFL receiver. I am glad he played like one today.

Pass offense: B+